Flor Vanessa Maciel

Master's Student studying Meteorology at

San José State University


I'm Vanessa, a second-year graduate student at San José State University. My research interests lie in the intersection of climate change, air pollution, aerosol-cloud interactions and extreme precipitation.

I am currently working in Dr. Minghui Diao's Cloud and Aerosol group. My research involves studying cirrus clouds and their relationship with aerosols with both in-situ and model data.

I attended UC Santa Cruz where I obtained a BS in Earth Sciences and BA in Environmental Studies. I have interned at Berkeley Lab and Carnegie Science.

As a first-generation and Latina student, I have high aspirations for myself. I hope to continue on to a PhD and a post-doc afterwards in order to reach my goal of becoming a Professor. I enjoy both teaching and research, so this is my dream career. I am also very keen on being in a position where I can help underrepresented students achieve their own goals in academia and beyond, as I know first-hand how difficult it can be finding support as one.

Outside of researching, I enjoy drawing, watching horror films and cuddling my cat.

Please check out my Curriculum Vitae for more details on my academic background.

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